Black Card Wallet


Each wallet comes with an optional adhesive sticker to apply to the back of a phone.  


You may add an optional money clip to the back of the wallet to carry extra cash, cards, reciepts, ticket stubs etc. 


Add a Money Clip?
  • Cork Fabric Card Wallets

    Beautiful, vegan, eco-conscious Cork Fabric card wallets are hand crafted in California, USA


    Lightweight and durable, they hold your essential cards and cash, helping you to stay minimal and carry only what you need.


    Each wallet has two pockets and one divider in the front, and can hold upto 5-6 cards and some bills. 


    The card wallets fit perfectly in your purse, pocket, backpack or on the back of a phone.


    Dimensions: 2.5” x 3.7”

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