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DIY Earring Kit

One after another all our shows started getting cancelled. The pandemic had hit the a big way!! Fear, isolation, boredom.......slowly had to be addressed and what better way than to start a creative journey and since we could not attend social events and show off our purses, wallets and belts we decided it was time to show off our creative spirit the ‘Zoooom Way’. 

So for all those Zoom meetings and virtual hangouts we designed enchanting and eye-catching earrings with eco-friendly cork fabric and again we were the ‘talk of the meeting’:))

As more and more people asked for our earrings and also for different combinations of sizes and colors, we decided to go a step further and enable people to make their own designs. 

Our DIY Earring Kit gives you hours of creative fun and thinking, makes you boldly show off your designs at your virtual meetings, gives you a striking appearance and if you have young ones at home helps with family bonding time and improves their small motor movements


The earrings are extremely light and do not tire your earlobes. Once you are adept at making the earrings you can take them apart and try another combination. You can also use the cork fabric pieces to make necklaces. It is a lifelong creative process that you will thoroughly enjoy.....we promise you!!

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