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Our Story
My design story starts from my childhood when my mother would encourage me to think outside the box and challenge me to design and hand make unusual, aesthetically appealing yet functional gifts.

 This process eventually led me to the Design Program at San Jose State University from where I graduated in August of 2017, and a month later I introduced my Essence Clutch into the market. 

 The Essence Clutch Purse was designed and handcrafted by me as a Christmas gift for my mother who likes to carry clutches. Since all her purses were kept in the closet I wanted to design something she could enjoy as a work of art all day. 

 It received so much interest and appreciation that it become the launching product for our mother-daughter business, Sumsaara, in September 2017.
Sumsaara means the never-ending cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth... We try to echo this in our personal philosophy by combining functionality and aesthetics while using renewable, sustainable, and recycled products as far as possible. In short, it must be beautiful, functional, and environmentally responsible.

 - Jannat Saxena