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Essence Clutch Purse


Three times a year - Mother’s Day, Mom’s Birthday and Christmas, I would strive to handcraft something beautiful and innovative for my mother. She likes to carry a clutch and has an amazing collection but they were all kept in a drawer in her closet. For Xmas of 2016 I handcrafted a wooden clutch which could open flat for her to display it as a work of art!! 

Everywhere she went the clutch went. It was a conversation piece and she was the center of attraction at every event. Needless to say she loved it!

Soon her friends started requesting me to make the clutch for them. Seeing the interest, I decided to launch it commercially. For a commercial product the clutch had to go through some changes. I had to play around with size so that it would fit a smartphone yet be comfortably carried in hand. Since the idea was to be able to display it I needed some vibrant, artsy and yet sturdy interior material. I did not want to use leather. I also wanted to make the entire clutch as eco-friendly as possible. I had seen some cork fabric bags and after some research decided to use this beautiful material which came from natural and sustainable resources

I included a card wallet to be carried in the purse not only to make it more stylish but also because it could carry a couple of cards and still fit into the clutch. Now all we needed was a flattish key chain. 

Our logo the Sumsaara Elephant was laser cut and made into a key ring. Elephants are very intelligent, compassionate and sensitive and Sumsaara stands behind ending cruelty towards animals and contributes to the Save the Elephant Charity

The elegant butterfly packaging made out of recycled cardboard finished the ensemble. Viola! Our beautiful Essence Clutch was ready for you to be the Belle of the Ball!

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