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Board Games are HUGE in my home.... even today. Puzzles are NEXT. I even worked at a Puzzle Store in Redwood City during high school and since then have always wanted to design one myself. And of course, we wanted to take it a step further and as with all our products transform the puzzle to a functional and displayable work of art!! 

Even as I was developing the concept the pandemic hit us. The idea now became even more relevant. To be able to design something that the entire family can bond over and then enjoy as a keepsake became doubly important.

Since we adore the cork fabric with all its colors and hues and its versatility we decided to develop our puzzle around it. After many prototypes and much testing we settled on the concept of a puzzle tray/wall art. After the family is done with the puzzle they can either turn it into a serving tray or wall art or both!!

To make it family friendly we decided to keep the degree of complexity as moderate so that all levels of puzzlers can enjoy the activity. For people who enjoy challenges we do suggest to only  consult the picture if it is absolutely necessary!! 

Since no two puzzles are exactly alike they are also a great party activity with 2-3 groups competing with each other. The Tropical Party Set especially works really well for these kind of social gatherings


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