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Unique Handmade Coasters Sets You Should Try

Imagine you have the perfect party going in your house and suddenly one of your guests realizes that they mistook another guest's drink as their own and drank from it. A couple of years back it would have been brushed away but now, post pandemic, all hell broke loose!


Enter - Sumsaara handmade coaster sets that do way more than protect your furniture. They also provide decor that is both aesthetic and functional (and a conversation starter!). Most of all, they help guests individualize their drink because they can choose their own designer coaster - much like wine charms!


In fact, Sumsaara cork coasters do more than wine charms - they add to the elegance of your home and make you feel good because they are made from sustainable natural resources and are handcrafted by artists in your local community.


But Why Should You Buy Sumsaara Cork Fabric Coasters?


Vegan Leather 


Cork fabric is all the rage right now and for all the right reasons. It comes from Cork trees, so it is not only sustainable, but is also waterproof, antibacterial, durable and sturdy.


The coasters are also non-skid and the thickness is just right to prevent a glass from tipping over.


As it protects your cherished furniture from unwanted scratches and water stains, maintaining them is simple enough too. Just wipe with soft damp cloth to get the stains right off!


Stunning Eye Catching Colors and Patterns

Be it the Safari set that brings back fond memories of your Kenyan vacation (or not!) or the Mosaic tile prints that reminds you of Morocco or the Spring pattern that sparks a conversation on Monet and the Impressionist Era, our table coaster sets are sure to add style and spark conversations at your parties


Unique Housewarming / Holiday Gifts Under $50:

Sumsaara coaster dining room sets come in attractive eco-friendly gift-ready packaging making them a much appreciated and unique gift that reminds your giftee of you, each time they look at it. Whether they are for a wine connoisseur or a tea, coffee lover or a proud new homeowner, these sure make for a thoughtful, affordable gift.


Here are some testimonials from our customers who love our handmade coaster sets - 



Love these

JoAnne L on Oct 12, 2020

I purchased two lovely sets of coaster marker sets. They are gorgeous and the designs are fun! They are also light as a feather. I gave one set to a friend who was delighted and loves them as well. I look forward to trying more of these sustainable and gorgeous products over time! 

Highly recommend

Sara on Jan 08, 2021

Love my coaster marker sets! They are light but the hold is fantastic! None of my glasses slip out of them. I put my morning coffee mug on them and the heat doesn't get transferred to the table. I met the founders in-person in early 2018 & 2019 during the Los Altos Wine and Art festival, and I have bought a few items from them and absolutely LOVE their products! I'm grateful that I can order online and continue enjoying their products.

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