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Why are elephants considered good luck? We wonder.....

Do Elephants bring Good Luck? We wonder.....

Easily one of the most beloved of all animals - Elephants have fascinated humans with their strength and gentleness. Humans and elephants have coexisted amicably for millions of years and this close connection has led many cultures to believe that elephants represent good fortune

Elephants live and travel within small and large packs that include elders, youth and babies. They form close connections and strong bonds with each other just like human beings and are very protective of their families.

In earlier times, many cultures enlisted elephants in wars. Umpteen stories of their valor, strength and loyalty have given humans enough reasons to reveer them and consider them as a symbol of protection, wisdom and good luck

According to the Chinese concept of Feng shui - by bringing elephant figurines into your home, you can possibly bring in their positive energies. In Hinduism, elephants are revered as Ganesha, the god of luck and good fortune

If you are an elephant lover or just looking to possibly bring this positive energy into your (or someone you know) life consider our wooden elephant keychain charm,  wood elephant earrings and cork elephant wallet (below)

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For many, collecting jewelry and other items featuring elephants is in the hope of possibly experiencing some good luck. While there is no complete proof that these objects may bring good luck, you can certainly enjoy their craftsmanship and elegant beauty.

Moreover, these images of elephants are with their trunks raised in upward position. An upward pointed elephant trunk denotes energy, luck, prosperity and kindness. It is a movement elephants use to greet friends and express delight. Elephant Images with their trunks raised are considered harbingers of good fortune. 

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So why not add a wooden elephant keyring / earrings or a cork elephant wallet to your collection today? Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift or a special treat for yourself, these delightful eco-friendly accessories may just bring a touch of luck and joy to your life. With free shipping (already good fortune is smiling on you:)) you possibly cannot go wrong here

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